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A Quiet Retreat...

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[OOC: This is a message board set up for the RP Final Hearts: A Path to the Keys... If you are interested in this rp, click on the link and read all about it.]

Welcome to those from Xion! How's it going, the name's Sherinda! Not only am I the owner of Shades of Heaven and Last Home, I run the city's message board! Go me! Anyways, just wanted to say all of that, now...for any information, just ask me and I'll get back to you, okay? I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.

Oh, and to those who have arrived on the bridge...WELCOME TO XION! I look forward to hearing about where you are from and how life is now going for you in Xion! ^_^


OOC: Important Links:
The Community - Where we RP
The OOC Cumminity - Where the players talk out of character
OOC Community Info - Information about the OOC Community
The Rules - Some simple rules for the players to follow
The World - Information on the World in this RP
The Characters - Characters taken and open to take
Character Adding - A way to mass-add, and/or remove older characters
The Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) - A list of the Rps NPCs
Introduction - A small introduction, ic, of how your character arrived in Xion.
Current Events - A quick catch up on what's going on
Links - Links for the RP, including a banner, if you want to proudly say where you're RPing!
The Application - This is where you apply for the character you want
Site Updates - Where Cely posts updates about the Site